Monday, September 06, 2004

Well, as everyone else has pointed out, aKademy was great. I'll add my thanks to all those who were involved in organizing it - hope you've all had a chance to recover now that it's over for another year :-)

I thought I'd start the shameless plugging of docs stuff now. We had a busy week, like everyone else, and made some good links with the rest of the community. Some of the highlights were:

  • Discussion with the usability folks about improving KHelpCenter, with some great ideas, and hopefully an opportunity to get some payoff for all the effort we've spent in putting comprehensive markup in all the KDE documentation

  • Learning (by experience) that 'pizza peperoni' in German does *not* mean the same as 'pepperoni pizza' in English :-)

  • Getting some great ideas from Fabrice Mous about attracting and keeping contributors. We're trying to put them into action now, starting with discussions with the Quality Teams, and a new 'Welcome Pack' for people offering to help with doc writing.

You can find a more comprehensive list at If you want to help (and we're crying out for new contributors), drop us a line at


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