Sunday, April 17, 2005

More PDF...

Apologies to anyone who downloaded the PDF generation tarball yesterday and found that it didn't work. My fault :-}. The updated version should work better. It does a couple more things - centres images, gives them a little padding, and gets rid of all the blank pages. For examples, see the Konqueror docs or The User Guide as PDF. As before, more testers are especially welcomed - thanks to mikmak on #kde-devel for pointing out some problems. If you're familiar with XSL or LaTeX (especially if you're a LaTeXpert), I'd love to have your help; get in touch at "phil at kde dot org" or on #kde-docs on .

And, for those interested in such things, I'm back at Uni again. So 8 weeks of revision and frisbee coming up. At least it won't snow this term when I'm out playing :-).


At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Divide said...

Just wondering... wouldn't it be easier to use docbook2texi and texi2pdf?

At 9:04 AM, Blogger Philip Rodrigues said...

I don't think I looked at that one particularly, but it seems to be based on Jade and DSSSL. We used to have a Jade-based system for processing the docs, although we switched over to XSL some time ago. I wasn't involved in the changeover myself, but I'm told that there were some big problems with the Jade-based system, so it's not really an option now.

Thanks for the idea anyway :-)


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