Saturday, September 18, 2004

Glossary, FAQs, scripts

Plenty happening on the docs front at the moment, if a bit slowly:

  • I've done some work towards having a KDE-wide glossary. The idea would be to have one big glossary, and allow application manuals to include only the entries that they need. There are still some technical problems with this approach, which I should discuss with Lauri, or anyone else who knows.

  • The KDE FAQ is making some progress. I've summarized the plans for it on the wiki, and answers for any of those questions (or any other FAQ), are welcome. Thanks to Aaron for already doing so.

  • After Carlos Woelz mentioning the visual dictionary, I remembered my old, and not particularly excellent, preferred_forms script. I'm not really sure what to do with it. We have a handful of other scripts for checking various aspects of documentation files, but they're all not-quite-finished, and we haven't got round to it yet. They should make a quite comprehensive suite for ensuring tidiness and consistency across docs in the future.

  • I got my hands on Waldo Bastian's prize-winning notes on "KDE for Administrators", and started merging them into the User Guide. I've added DocBook markup to the first part, but it would also benefit from some fleshing out to go from 'notes' to 'documentation'.


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