Friday, July 15, 2005

End in sight

The hours I've sunk into the second take at PDF generation are beginning to pay off. I've got most applications' docs in kdebase, kdepim and kdenetwork to produce some sort of PDF output, even if it's not completely correct. Since the last time I played around with this, we've got a new system for the DocBook -> LaTeX -> PDF conversion, namely dblatex. It has the enormous advantage of being actively maintained, and the maintainers have been really excellent in responding to the bugs, problems and quirks that I've found.

So, I'm now at the stage where it's worthwhile working on the formatting of the generated documents. I think there could be some improvements to the default formatting of the PDFs that dblatex produces, and it might be nice to have a little bit of branding - a few 'K' logos here and there, etc. Here's a short example (Klipper) of the PDFs we're generating, and a longer example (Userguide).

If you have the XSL, LaTeX or artistic skills to help, please get in touch with or with me directly (phil at kde dot org).


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