Monday, August 28, 2006


Following a post on kde-devel about the number of UNCONFIRMED konqueror bugs, a few of us are going to try having a "konqueror bug triage day" this Wednesday, 30th Aug. We'll meet at 3pm UTC (10am CST, 5pm CET) in #konq-bugs on, and go on until whenever we like.

The aim is to sort through the bugs that have been reported, removing duplicates and bugs that are obsolete, so that the developers can spend their time fixing bugs instead of trawling through

We'd love to have more people to help, so whether or not you've done any bug triage before, please feel free to join us. All you'll need is a recent version of KDE (at least 3.5, but the newer the better), and a big of perseverance.

If you haven't done any bug triage before, you might like to
read these two pages to get an idea of what it involves:


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