Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Kafkaesque, isn't it?"

An amusing bit of randomness that makes life more interesting: it turns out that some teenager in Québec goes by the MSN user name of accengrave at hotmail.com, whereas I'm accentgrave at hotmail.com. So of course, he tells his friends his username, and they add me instead (serves 'em right for not pronouncing all those letters, I suppose ;-). I think I now have most of this guy's friends in my contact list, and I've spent plenty of time trying to decode "MSN French" (evidently the Académie Française hasn't managed to extend its influence as far as IM-using teenagers).

In KDE land, not a lot's happened. I want to have some time to work on ways to turn the hype about KDE 4 into well-directed effort. People turn up in #kde asking when KDE 4 will be out, trying to build trunk, etc, and it would be great to be able to tell them of good places to direct their energy (seeing as building trunk isn't exciting at the moment unless you're hacking kdelibs, AIUI). Aaron's talk on "10 ways to get involved in KDE" has some nice ideas. Perhaps a dot article on "10 ways to help make KDE 4 the best ever" would be useful. Alas, time doesn't permit at the moment, with university life taking it all up.

I did have some fun(?) chasing down a bug in the audiocd:/ slave on FreeBSD a few weeks ago, which is a lot of fun if you don't know C++ and are just randomly adding kdDebug()s and messing around with gdb. With some help from people with clue, I tracked down the problem in the end - [ade] probably blogged about it already, so I'll skip the details.

And I have a memory dump lying around from a FreeBSD kernel crash too. Perhaps looking at that would be setting my sights a little too high...


At 8:30 AM, Blogger sebas said...

Well, we could definitely use some help with SpreadKDE

So I wouldn't mind if you sent some of those people there, and to kde-promo. :-)

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Philip Rodrigues said...

Nice idea sebas - I'll do that. Bug triage is another thing that comes to mind.


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