Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just a quick post to say that the Konqueror bug triage weekend was a huge success. Some highlights:

  • Getting the number of unconfirmed konqueror bugs (excluding wishes) down from over 950 to below 800.

  • Making konqueror green (ie, more bugs closed than opened) for the last 6 months. Of course, this builds on the great amount of hard work done over the longer term by the konqueror developers and other triagers, but as Adriaan would tell us, it's a nice metric.

  • mafitzpatrick's incredible testcase work. I don't know how he does it...

  • Kurt Pfeifle getting through all the khtml printing bugs

Of course, they weren't the only people working hard over the weekend - illogic-al, bram85 and logixoul did some great work co-ordinating the whole thing, and many more people checked, confirmed and otherwise triaged a lot of bugs. Thanks to all of them!

And some thoughts I had that we can try out next time:

  • Triage newer bugs instead of/as well as older bugs, since they're quite a different kettle of fish - easier in some ways, so nicer for people who haven't done triage before.

  • Make lists of bugs in one particular component, to aid in finding duplicates

  • Someone suggested we do KOffice next. Perhaps putting it here will help us remember :-)

The main bug weekend is over now, but if you want to get involved and help out with bug triage, just drop by in #kde-bugs on irc.freenode.net sometime.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger pipitas said...

Heh, thanks for mentioning me, but I don't deserve this. All I did was marking a few bugs as invalid, verify a few bugs as WORKSFORME, and find some duplicate entries (and marking one as dupe does make this entry "Solved" for bugzilla).

Yes, KOffice would be a very nice next target...

I also pondered about how we could improve the next bug squad weekends. Here are my thoughts:

Why do we do it at all? We want to cleanse the bug data base.

Why do we want to cleanse it? We want to get rid of duplicate + invalid + solved entries.

Why is that nice? Because then the real developers of the respective application can concentrate on *fixing* the important bugs.

So how can we improve the bug squad weekends? Well, the active participants do learn to know an app and its glitches much better after going thru bug reports, setting up test cases to verify them, and using the respective app for a full weekend (or only few hours). So participants should get together in IRC for half an hour after Sunday's bug hunt finished, and they should discuss which of the bugs that they found in the data base are the most annoying/urgent to fix. And in the end, they could submit a friendly common recommendation to the developers about the "Top 3 Bugs" they want to be fixed next. Maybe they would even find the developers being responsive to that request.... :-)

However, in the case of KOffice this would require to convince them of doing *one more* 1.6.x release.... Or, maybe, we'll find: no major bugs left in KOffice 1.6.3... :-)


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