Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Need a title

I'm tempted to try to beat Rainer in the "most delayed report about
akademy" post, but I'll let it suffice to say that akademy was great
fun: Málaga's a great place, and the organising team did a brilliant
job of keeping everything running smoothly. The workstations in the
hacking rooms were particularly useful for running tests on the whole
of the KDE documentation, which I didn't have the hard disk space to
check out on my own machine (on which more later).

As well as being fun, it was a really productive week for the docs
team. I promised not to turn this post into an akademy report, so I'll
just link to the
one I wrote up for kde-doc-english
. Despite getting plenty done,
there's no shortage of tasks left to do: if you have any proficiency
with writing, LaTeX, XSL, PHP or C++, we could use your help. Get in
touch with kde-doc-english@kde.org or with me directly (phil AT kde
dot org), and we'll suggest ways that you can help us improve KDE.

If you're a writer or maintainer of a document in KDE (or even the doc
writer for a 3rd party app), you'll find Frerich Raabe's
KDE docs
useful. Give it a KDE docbook document, either by upload
or by giving the URL, and it will point out any mistakes in either the
DocBook markup, or in the little quirks that we require for KDE

Quick tip: In the URL box, put a link to the document in
websvn, then bookmark the page. By going to the bookmark, you can
quickly recheck the document in SVN.

Some other miscellaneous fallout from akademy: I've joined the eV,
written some promo stuff (ok, so it wasn't much, but it feels like a
big step), offered my limited skills to a usability mini-project
(improving whatsthis help), and been invited to a RL KDE meetup. I
even did some actual writing of docs! At least life's not boring...